Step 1

We first start with determining the layout of your bathroom for designing your shower enclosure.  While every opening is customized, we typically see 5 layout types:  In-line opening / Single hinged door / Neo-angle opening / In-line opening with return and Steam enclosures.

We come to your house free of charge to measure and help you decide which enclosure best suits your space and your needs.  Once we prepare the quote and you are ready to move forward, a 50% deposit is required to place the order.  The glass takes about 2 weeks to produce therefore turnaround time is 2 - 3 weeks for installation.  We inspect each piece to ensure correct measurements and glass quality.  When all the glass and hardware are ready, we call you to set up installation.  Upon completion of installation, the balance of the enclosure may be paid to the installer or called in to our office.

In-line opening

An in-line opening is best described as a shower with 3 tiled walls and 1 wall left open.  They are typically 32" wide or more and depending on the width, 4 layouts may be considered.  We will work

with you to come up with the best

enclosure based on your layout.

1)  Hinged door & Fixed panel

2)  Sliding door & fixed panel

3)  Sliding By-pass doors

4)  Door centered between 2 fixed panels

The process of planning the design of your shower with us becomes simple and organized by following these steps.

Neo-angle opening

Neo-angle enclosures are typically found in smaller bathrooms which fit into a corner with 2 tiled walls and 3 angled bases for the enclosure.  The glass can be installed with or without a header for additional support.  We will advise you to what works best for your opening.

Single hinged door

These doors are a single piece of glass with 2 wall mount hinges, handle and bottom seal.  This door style can be either framed or frameless.

In-line panel with return panel

This design is best described as having 2 tiled walls and 2 open walls usually consisting of a fixed piece of glass meeting up to the opening where the door is located.  The fixed piece is usually the same height as the front opening when on a knee-wall or tub deck.  For a frameless look, 2 wall mount hinges for the door and one 90 degree glass clip with 1 wall mount glass clip to hold the fixed return panel are used.

Steam shower enclosures

Steam showers can be made out of any of the above designs with the addition of a moving transom above the door and anchoring the fixed panels (s) to the ceiling.  With this we can create an enclosed shower allowing the desired steam to build inside the shower.  By tilting the transom, this adjusts the amount of steam in the shower.


We have a one year service warranty which goes into effect the day of install.  This covers any leaks, door adjustments, silicone replacement or replacement of defaced hardware.

Due to manufacturers limited warranty, we cannot warrant or guarantee against breakage of tempered shower glass.